30 DAY HEALTHY HAIR     



Welcome to our Healthy Hair Challenge

The Healthy Hair Challenge includes top notch beneficial hair products to help you throughout the Challenge.  The Challenge is set for 30 days.  Once you do something for more than 21 days it becomes a natural way of life.



Is your hair dry and dull?

Itchy all the time?

Is it over-processed?

Does it need just a little TLC?

Welcome to the RXestoratives 30 Day Healthy Hair Challenge!!!

Our Challenge comes complete with 4 essential products and a membership (if you register) that allows for a 30% discount on all future purchase up to a year to continue the healthy hair process.

We are introducing products that will stimulate hair growth and challenge you to care for your hair-

                                         We are targeting hair that is-

   “Stuck in a Rut”

    “Doesn’t seem to grow”

    Needs a little boost

These products are infused with natural ingredients that are known to stimulate hair growth.

This process has been proven for over several years

and we are now introducing it to everyone.

Follow the instructions, you may email and ask questions with the paid "Registration fee. Please allow 48-72 hour for reply.                                                                                                                                                           

The initial start up is $65 this includes Registration $25 & $45 for the 4- 3oz 30 Day Hair Products.

The products should last 30 days and they will assist in your healthy hair process. You can reorder more products on our website at  with a 15% discount for up to a year(if you register)  :   www.RXHairFix.com

New WEBSITE www.RXHairFix.com 

for more information