Pamela Frederick Mair first blog post

Moderately Damaged Hair Suggestions-

If your Hair Is Moderately Damaged. Without extreme attentiveness, it's hard to totally avoid damage, so don't agonize. Follow these simple steps to easily rehabilitate your hair. For Moderately Damaged Hair Step 1: Trim hair every six to eight weeks to remove split ends, and only shampoo when necessary. Think to CONDITION SHAMPOO CONDITION (Unless hair is extremely oily, you don't need to shampoo daily add a few drops of citrus essential oil: Orange, Bergamot, Lemon.)

I recommend regularly using our product (ACV30) a Apple Cider Vinegar Based leave-in conditioner: "For fine hair, you can use this same product as well as thick ha

ir. This product contains hydrating ingredients like natural plant oils, essential oils all which you will find in ACV30. Step 2: When exposed excessive heat-styling tools, avoid further damage or dryness by using a heat-protectant oils or cream. Using styling tools that have heat control dials so you can regulate the level of heat applied to your hair. "Curly, coarse hair can handle higher temperatures because it has more layers of cuticle," Step 3: Pamper hair by deep conditioning monthly and opting for a paddle brush instead of a hard bristle brush. Oh, and avoid rubbing hair dry with a towel try to pat hair dry instead.


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