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My hair journey starts out like most hair disaster stories I have heard over the years. Throughout this journey I have learn allot. It thrust me to become who a am today. I am now an author of "Having Healthey Hair at Home", a licensed Holistic Cosmetologist, Certified Nutritional Consultant, & certifying other stylist to become a Certified Holistic Hair Care Specialist. In hopes that they in-turn will offer bona-fide consultations as well with results.

When my hair fried out, yes fried out (bleach) I needed somewhere to go someone professional to talk to, a product that would help me...I didn't find it. It reached the point of- "if you can't find it in the beauty supplies stores-"MAKE IT", and that was over 14 years ago. Now I have had the opportunity to consult with numerous clients to help them regain confidence and begin to regrow their hair. You as well can begin this journey by clicking on the link below and giving me a call.

Another alternative is to join our 30 Day Healthy Hair Challenge...


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