What Causes Hair to Fall & Not Grow Back?

One word- Plaque! Yes! Plaque it's not only found on our teeth, it's also found on our scalps. With our scalp and hair- layers of oil known as sebum builds up on the scalp and clogs the pores. When this occurs it is impossible to produce or even to allow the new follicle to grow. When this happens the follicle, closes rendering the skin in this area to grow over the once hair growing/producing follicle, and the area becomes smooth and shiny. Thus, preventing hair growth.

A suggested prevention is found in a natural grown ingredient that RXestoratives Hair & Skin offers on our website:

www.RXestoratives.com BKRinse- The product is made up of several natural ingredients that helps to prevent this from

regimen throughout the year..

Its our belief for a healthy hair regimen

it is best to Shampoo hair the

"Natural" way:




These are hand made small batch products that aggressively address hair & scalp issues. You will see and feel the results.

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